Urs-P Twellmann

Suisse, land art

Born on April 5, 1959 in Langnau im Emmental, Switzerland Lives and works in Munsingen/Bern, SwitzerlandPerceiving, observing, discovering, researching, developing, expanding and transforming - are the key words explaining my practice.
My main focus lies on transforming. In this process - where destruction and creation become as one - materials are collected and analysed; they get bent, broken, split and cut to become new forms or are arranged in a different context.
The individual process can be long or short, free flowing or troublesome, can be hard physical work and lead through phases of chaos, disorientation and uncertainty - but it has to be a new challenge every time, resulting in expanding experiences and journeys of discovery. While I am interested in all materials, it's wood in all its variations, conditions and forms I usually prefer to work with. There is no inferior wood, just different starting points and possibilities to research.
As the material itself shapes a process, so does each location with its topography, its character and particularities as well as atmosphere, available tools and working conditions. Many interventions, installations and objects are site-specific, rarely seen by the public. Some only last moments. Visual documentation through photographs communicate the finished work on site and often the process as well.