from December 12th to 25th 2004


The first phase of the TGD artistic exchange took place from the 8th to the 22nd of February 2001 in Tambacounda.
The second phase took place from the 26th February to the 6th of March 2002 in Geneva.
The third stop of the tour – Dakar - brought to the capital of Senegal from the 28th march to the 7th april 2003.

The region of Tambacounda, which groups together three departments (Tambacounda, Bakel and Kédougou), is for a double reason the starting point of the TGD project. Not only did the first phase took place there but the project was initiated in order to trigger in that region, situated at the south-east of Senegal (economically one of the poorest but culturally ranking among the richest ones), a new cultural dynamic meant to contribute to its blossoming.
The Tambacounda people got involved in the three phases and the project benefits from the positive feeling shown by the population and the local authorities. The first phase, which took place in 2001, had proved that Tamba was an open town with respect both to mind and geography (as it borders up on five countries : Gambia, Mali, Mauritania, Guinea Konakry and Guinea Bissau) and that space is plentiful.

TGD4 comprises four aspects :
- Educational Section
- The Tamb’Art Section
- Workshop

Educational Section
The project TGD4 shall include an educational section, the aim of which is to group together students from a secondary school in Geneva (Switzerland) with students from the Moriba Diakité school in Tambacounda (Senegal).
Together, the pupils will benefit from the activities developed during the workshops with the professional artists, share their experiences as pupils, work together in class and make a small video film.
The CAP is raising funds to build a big art classroom in Moriba Diakité school where, until today, the pupils cannot benefit of art courses.
The educational section has received support from the Public Education Department of the State of Geneva, Switzerland and the Cooperation Delegation of the Town of Geneva, Switzerland.

The Tamb’Art Section (art in town)
In 2004, dustbins shall be installed in the town of Tambacounda. Indeed, the CAP wishes to take advantage of the period of turmoil engendered by TGD4 to develop a policy with the inhabitants in order to find a creative solution to their day-to-day urban preoccupations. The goal of Tamb’Art 2004 is to have the blacksmiths of the town forge street dustbins based on a model created by a student from the University of Art and Design of Kyoto, which will be decorated by the Tambacounda handwriters. These dustbins will then be installed by the population and the invited artists on the major axes of Tambacounda during the “ Set Setal ” initiative (action for hygiene which is characterised by a general mobilisation of the population to clean the town). The japanese student who create the design for the dustbins, Kohyu SATO, will receive an award of the town of Tambacounda on December 12th, during the official ceremony of Tamb'Art.
CAP has solicited partnerships with ENDA (non-governmental organization based in Dakar and the city authorities in order to reflect upon putting into place concrete measures which would contribute to enhancing the urban environment.
The Tamb'Art section has received support from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the Sponsorship Fund of the SIG, Geneva, Switzerland, the Solidarity Department of the State of Geneva, Switzerland.

From December 12-25, 2004, artists will work in the public spaces of Tambacounda (interior and exterior).  In agreement with the mayor of Tambacounda and CAP, visual artists will be given great latitude in terms of creating temporary or more permanent works inspired by the context of life in Tambacounda.
Near the end of the workshop, on December 23, 2004, artwork  will be reviewed and selected for either a temporary exhibition or more long-term installation, joining work created at TGD1, in February, 2001, and thereby further enriching the contemporary public art heritage of Tambacounda.
Students from the following art schools will take part in the workshop:  The National Institute of Art of Bamako, Mali; The University of Missouri-St. Louis (Department of Graphic Design), USA; and The National School of the Arts of Dakar, Senegal.
The workshop has received support from the Intergovernmental Agency of Francophonie, Africalia (Belgium), Sonatel Foundation (Senegal), Nestlé Senegal, the mayor of Tambacounda, and from the TGD branches established in Kyoto, Japan and St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

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